The U.S. is electrifying transportation.

EnPower focuses a portion of our effort on developing and operating NEVI compliant charging locations to meet the needs of US interstates. NEVI-specific locations are in partnership with local site hosts in the retail, hospitality and convenience store sectors to bring EV charging to their customers.

What is NEVI?

NEVI stands for National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure and the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration NEVI Formula Program provides dedicated funding to states to deploy electric vehicle charging infrastructure along key interstate and state highway corridors. The goal is to create a reliable, convenient network of fast EV charging stations for drivers nationwide in order to help speed the adoption of electric vehicles and increase equitable access to infrastructure and economic opportunity. The program will also allow for streamlined data collection, access, and reliability. Funding is available for up to 80% of eligible project costs, including:

  • The acquisition, installation, and network connection of EV charging stations to facilitate data collection, access, and reliability
  • Proper operation and maintenance of EV charging stations
  • Long-term EV charging station data sharing

Want to host a NEVI site?

If you are interested in hosting a NEVI-compliant EV charging station at your site/business, please contact to learn more.

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