EnPower and Education

Solar energy makes sense for schools and campuses of all sizes and in all locations. Because solar energy offers opportunities to save money and inspire young people to embrace clean energy.

Save money.

School budgets are incredibly tight these days. At EnPower, we guarantee we can significantly reduce energy costs, allowing funds to be redirected back to students. And we can do this with no up-front or maintenance costs to you.

Boost tax revenue.

When EnPower establishes a solar generation facility, we become part of the community. We pay property and other taxes on the installed equipment, which provides a substantial revenue boost for the school district.

In addition, depending on the location, EnPower could lease land for the facility from the school district which could deliver a much-needed revenue stream for systems.

Enrich student groups, programs, and engagement.

Our solar power systems provide a range of engaging programs for students. These include farm, livestock, and other agricultural programs that allow students to learn marketable skills and gain hands-on experience. What’s more, through these programs, we provide funding for student organizations like Future Farmers of America and 4-H, helping them grow, offer more programs, and include more students.

Risk Free Guarantee

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We don’t sell you equipment. Or financing. You have zero capital expenditures. Zero maintenance responsibilities. Zero risk.

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