EnPower and Municipalities

Adding clean, affordable solar power can provide a range of opportunities for municipalities.

Reduce energy costs, improve quality of life.

Using solar energy can significantly reduce a municipality’s monthly power bill allowing money to be redirected into projects like recreation centers, parks, sidewalks, public works, first responders, that enhance quality of life and support community development.

Attract businesses and jobs.

Today, many companies will only locate in communities where they have access to sustainable and renewable energy. In fact, some of the fastest-growing companies with the best jobs demand municipalities demonstrate a commitment to a range of environmental initiatives. That said, if local leaders want to grow their economies and attract quality jobs for their citizens, solar energy will provide a massive boost to these efforts.

A commitment to clean energy can also be an economic development engine in and of itself as cities can leverage their expertise to educate and encourage residents, businesses, and other entities to switch to solar and grow the local solar economy.

Work toward sustainability goals.

Solar can help municipalities work toward sustainability goals by reducing reliance on fossil fuels and decreasing emissions.

Improve resiliency.

Stored solar power provides a reliable source of backup power for essential municipal functions and supplements energy supplies during peak usage times.

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