Solar energy & eMobility solutions.

We pay for it.
You receive the benefits.

Clean, sustainable power. Significant savings.

You know how solar works. You know it’s renewable, affordable, and reliable. You know a lot of companies can provide solar solutions for you. But no one does it like EnPower.

You only pay for clean power. We don’t sell you equipment. We don’t sell you financing. You have zero capital expenditures, zero maintenance responsibilities, and zero risk.

We help you reduce costs and your carbon footprint. We help you meet sustainability goals and improve resiliency. All you have to do is make a commitment to buy the clean, affordable, and renewable solar energy we produce for you. You say go, and we do the rest.

One solution, one relationship, no catch — no fine print. Just an amazing opportunity to make a bold decision, take an important step, and be a leader.

With our model, you can’t get this wrong. Guaranteed.



Average Annual Growth
Rate of Solar

Solar Panel


Solar Investment in
Economy in 2019



Solar Reaches 20% of
U.S. Electricity

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We don’t sell you equipment. Or financing. You have zero capital expenditures. Zero maintenance responsibilities. Zero risk.

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