EnPower and Healthcare

The benefits of solar energy for all kinds of medical facilities go way beyond the bottom line. Clean, reliable energy can contribute to the overall health and well-being of people in the community and help healthcare facilities fulfill their mission of saving and improving lives.

Save money.

Healthcare facilities across the country are dealing with ever-tightening budgets. Adding affordable solar energy into the mix can help virtually any medical facility reduce their overall energy expenditures, allowing them to redirect funds into critical patient-care functions.

Improve reliability and resiliency.

Having reliable, affordable backup power is a must for today’s highly computerized and digital medical facilities. And while most facilities are equipped with emergency backup generators, stored solar energy is a much cleaner and more dependable source of crucial backup power.

Improve environmental conditions and help meet sustainability goals.

The burning of oil, coal, and gas has a negative impact on people’s health. Replacing fossil fuels with clean, renewable solar energy would provide for a healthier environment, healthier population, and a reduction in healthcare costs.

Most healthcare facilities are facing pressure to increase the use of renewable energy and meet sustainability goals. Again, replacing fossil-fuel generated power with solar power can help meet those goals.

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